Asphalt Field Inspections

  • Roadway Reports
  • Asphalt Density
  • Asphalt Straightedge
  • Asphalt Cross Slope
  • Asphalt Paving Spread Rate
  • Milled Surfaces Reports

Asphalt Lab Testing Services

  • Superpave Gyratory Method Compaction
  • Marshall Method Compaction
  • Asphalt Content by Ignition
  • Extraction and Gradation
  • Maximum Specific Gravity
  • Bulk Specific Gravity
  • Marshall Stability/Flow
  • Liquid Asphalt Viscosity
  • Air Voids and Volumetrics
  • Asphalt Paving Inspection
  • Spread Rate Calculation
  • Asphalt Thickness Determination
  • Pavement Smoothness Evaluation

Additional Asphalt Services

EAR (Engineering Analysis Report) - CTI is one of three commercial labs in Florida approved to perform asphalt EAR's for acceptance by the FDOT (Florida Department of Transportation) in accordance with 334-

Asphalt Mix Designs - CTI has designed hundreds of asphalt mix designs with materials from all over the world including Superpave, Marshall, FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and cold asphalt.

Pavement Evaluations We perform pavement evaluations to determine the condition of existing pavements. This can include pavement composition, thickness, density/condition, and adherence to specifications.